Many companies offer one or a few pieces of a truly integrated marketing approach, but we don’t think that’s enough.  It’s like only one person in the band playing, or worse yet, one person singing karaoke.

You need your marketing to be performing like a top-notch band.  Wouldn’t you like to have thousands of cheering clients?

We work to make sure that all pieces of your marketing platforms are working together, in harmony. Every aspect of your marketing strategy we manage will be in sync, performing at the highest level. The result? More traffic, More sales.  What better sound than the cash register ringing more often?

Whether you are a brand new start-up or a million-dollar established company, our mission is the same: to help you find greater success through effective marketing.

Why JC Marketing?

JC Marketing is an AD Agency specializing in Local, Mobile, Social, Email, and Targeted Direct mail Marketing. With more than 27 years of experience in the field. JC Marketing can save you time and money by executing cost effective ad campaigns designed to target the customers you need to reach, and may be missing. On target marketing that fits your image, is under budget, with measurable Return on Investment.

What distinguishes us from other firms is our ability to listen to your needs and goals, as a true Business Consultant, then create effective targeted campaigns designed to reach your niche market. With JC Marketing we can drive Return-On-Investment to meet and exceed your sales goals on a local, Regional, or National level.

About the Owner: Jon Carris

Mr. Carris holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in accounting and business management from California State University, Fresno.
Jon and his wife started JC Marketing, an advertising agency in Fresno California, specializing in Local (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses.

He has received numerous honors and awards in his professional career, including multiple designations for sales performance. While working for ADVO, Inc, Jon qualified for their prestigious Presidents Club on 2 occasions.

Mr. Carris has held high level positions with several international organizations, including the position of Executive Director for The World Crabbet Trust/The Double R Consortium (Two International Arabian Horse Breeders Associations). Carris Arabians (his Family’s Horse Business) has been a passion of his for over 34 Years. He has been President, and a Board Member for many years of The Crescent Midstate Arabian Horse Association.